April 4-8, 2018
inaugural edition
SALENTO CINEMA FILM SOCIETY Viale Stazione, 26 - 73039 Tricase (Lecce) Italy. Ph. +39 0833.771821 Mob. +39 327.384.4320 info@tricaseindiafilmfest.com www.tricaseindiafilmfest.com
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We   invite   you   to   help   us   by   making   a donation     today,     in     support     of     the upcoming    film    festival,    helping    not only   to   make   the   festival   possible   but also   to   support   emerging   filmmakers and     groundbreaking     cinema     from India.  
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TRICASE THE SMALL CRADLE OF THE INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT CINEMA At   about   fifty   kilometers   from   Lecce,   lies   the   town   of   Tricase.   The   city   overlooks   the   Adriatic   Sea   and   its coast,   during   the   summer   season,   offers   clear   water   and   pristine   nature   making   this   area   one   of   the best    in    Salento.    Tricase    is    an    ancient    city,    and    in    year    1200    many    landowners    were    fighting    to    put    their hands   over   these   wonderful   lands   kissed   by   the   sun.   The   last   feudal   lords   were   the   Gallone   Princes,   an important   family   of   Terra   D'Otranto,   who   found   residence   in   Tricase   and   stayed   there   for   a   very   long time. Very    famous    is    the    castle    of    the    family,    which    is    none    other    than    the    Prince's    Gallone    Palace ,   beautiful    building    and    cultural    center    of    the    city,    home    of    the    S alento   International   Film    Festival, another    event    organised    by    Salento    Cinema ,    a    no-profit    organization    dedicated    to    promoting international   independent   films,   in   recognition   of   the   fact   that   movies   are   the   most   powerful   form   of cultural communication and link between cultures and peoples. The    TRICASE    INDIA    FILM    FEST    will    feature    a    combination    of    feature    films,    short    films    and documentaries,   and   a   series   of   special   events   devoted   to   Indian   culture,   including   a   section   dedicated to   Indian   culinary   pleasures,   Indian   music   and   traditional   dance   performances:   a   unique   opportunity to learn more about India's multi-faceted culture and the long history of its film production. FESTIVAL TEAM  |  GET INVOLVED
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